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After managing huge dinosaurs capable of killing hordes of visitors and hospitals, dealing with aquariums full of beautiful fish along with curing the sick feels like a relaxing trip to a spa. There is no risk that a shark of mine would go out and eat guests or people because they were not getting treated too fast. The biggest danger in megaquery is eating one fish over another. Chiku Sod

Therefore things begin by laying some fish ponds using the easy purging system before attaching everything necessary to a healthy aquatic life; A filter and a water heater, maybe some garnishes and then some food. They are easy things. Complexity is introduced as marine life which has different requirements for survival and happiness. Some fish prefer cold water, while some prefer warmth, others are natural predators that eat small fish, and some do not like to live with others of the same species. You will also need to consider the size of the reservoir and whether your residents love plant life or have a place to hide from the prying eyes of the public.

To run the machines and feed the fish, you will need to hire some employees who come with a small set of skills, depending on what you need. Some are great for cleaning, others are great for setting up and others are great speakers who will come in handy when they later stage to give informational conversations to their customers about various animals in lockers. You may also consider hiring some less-skilled employees, as they will increase over time, allowing you to choose existing skills you want to enhance or should they learn something new.

There are also requirements for viewers wandering through the door, as it turns out that spongy humans like to complain. Stools, boxes, toilets, and vending machines are your standard furniture, but you can add other things like guide book stands, purchasable balloons, and some small bits and bobs. All you need are employees to resupply these gift shop items, and you are good to go.

These customers also feed your search for new fish and equipment for your aquarium. Every time someone looks at the screen, he creates one or both of the search points he needs to unlock new things, in other words, the fish helping to unlock and leave the tank in the next stage and so on. Supports the discovery of. On.

Oddly enough, when the aquarium is closed at the end of each day, no guests go home, and instead the day is easily moved to the next day and everyone just continues as they would Were. This is a bit weird and means that you can't do all sorts of livestock work before opening up to the crowd.

Progress throughout the campaign is largely achieved by earning reputation points, which you do simply by having a great sea life and keeping your customers happy. Each location you twist to bring your set of goals, and parts of your previous research on fish and machines, is usually erased so that you either have to reopen them or never reach them. In an assignment, for example, the range of aquatic life that you can explore is very limited and instead you will receive slow messages from private vendors that display various fish, corals, crabs and other things to display in your tank. Offer.

There are also secondary targets that can either bring in additional cash or increase their primary position by a fixed price. These usually ask you to do things like display a certain number of different types of schoolfishes in the same tank, and thus like the main objectives, they rarely allow you to play or experiment very differently. But they provide some welcome distraction from time to time.

Tranquility can be found in playing megacqueries to discover new types of beautiful fish and to meet them with loved audiences, and the fact that visitors are the ones that drive your progress toward more fish and better equipment and success Make a good flow. It is very difficult to fail in a megaquery, so you can just focus on building the best possible attractions and enjoy the number of visitors who admire the fish.

The downside to this calm nature is that there is not much happening on the megaquery to keep experienced players busy. Every new fish or tank is a great addition, but it doesn't change much of what you have to do, which is to throw a tank, standard equipment, and then hoist some new fish, and maybe do it with some other species Mix. Then just wait for the next lock unlock and repeat the process again. Meanwhile, new devices may be better copies of existing devices. As a result of all this, I found that very often I was just waiting for the next lock to open with very little actual management.

But I really enjoyed the simplicity of planning the next phase of construction. The device is easy to use, incorporating a power pump that can connect equipment to one or two remote tanks at once, and the fact that visitors love your device that should be hidden is equivalent to smart planning . A small staff room that has your pumps that provide plenty of lockers that look good against strange sparkling designs and can save you money on employee bills.

Before I conclude this review, it is worth noting that this entire game is the work of a developer who clearly gets a lot of love and attention. The limited range is seen in graphics that are attractive and functional, but are not particularly eye-catching, especially in relation to fish whose animation does not capture the beauty of the real thing. However, it is a good looking short game.

Meanwhile, the sound tracks a small set of backgrounds that were not designed to divert your attention and instead turn into static white noise, as is the gentle humming.

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